Published: Aug 19, 2013 5:59 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 19, 2013 6:03 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -A Cape Coral business owner says changes to an intersection are cutting off customers.

About a week ago, Lee County installed a "no left turn" sign at the intersection of Del Prado Boulevard and Southeast 47th Terrace

Jeff Marsh says this no left turn sign is the wrong direction for his business. "We usually get 20 walk-ins a day. And I probably got a quarter of that," Marsh said.

Marsh owns All Star Tech Support, off Cape Coral Parkway. But a new sign means traffic can't turn from southbound Del Prado onto Southeast 47th Terrace.

"It's impeding our business, it's impeding our customers being able to get to us," said Marsh.

The director of Lee County's Department of Transportation told WINK News in 2012 that the elimination of this left hand turn is necessary because of safety issues, saying as there is an increase in traffic, there's also an increase in collisions.

For more than a year, businesses in the area fought Lee County over the "no left turn."

One of them was Carriage Cleaners. "You're rerouting a bunch of commercial traffic through residential. This is the same with the large 18 wheeler trucks for the post office, right behind, which a lot of people that live here are not happy about," said Eric Agranove with Carriage Cleaners.

Despite the sign, WINK-News cameras still caught people turning anyway.

As for Marsh, "We're suffering, we're absolutely suffering," he said. He wants to bring awareness to his cut in customers, and remains hopeful one day the county will make a change to benefit the businesses.

The Lee County Department of Transportation also says there's been an average of 24 crashes, each year for the past five years, at that intersection.

The county hopes "no left turns" will reduce that statistic.