Published: Aug 19, 2013 10:25 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 20, 2013 10:52 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. -More people are coming forward, accusing a local man of not revealing he had HIV before having sex.

Today, WINK News learned James Redmond told Sheriff's deputies he has been HIV positive for 2 years.

WINK News exclusively spoke to another person who is accusing James Redmond of the exact same thing.

"I was kind of betrayed of this person" said Tom.

We are calling this man "tom" because he wanted his identity protected.
Tom has a family and only one of them knows he's gay.

Tom says he slept with James Redmond and says Redmond lied about having HIV.

"As of today he still swears up and down that he wasn't until all this came out," said Tom.

It's the same story we've heard from another man this weekend.
Tom says Redmond bragged about having lots of money and a luxurious lifestyle.

After five months of talking by phone, Tom says Redmond brought him aboard this yacht named "melody," where they had unprotected sex.
Tom says not once did Redmond admit he has HIV, a felony in the state of Florida.
"I'm nervous about that, I'm hurt, on the aspect of him not telling me," said Tom.

Tom is nervous because now he is in limbo.
He took an HIV test last month and says it was negative, but doctors tell him the virus could be dormant and still develop.
"It does bother me every day because not only it won't just affect me physically, but mentally," said Tom.

Tom says every time he would ask redmond about his HIV status, Redmond would get defensive.

If Tom is diagnosed with HIV, he says, his entire life would change.

"It's going to make it hard to even meet up with a partner eventually one of these days and have a relationship," said Tom.