Published: Aug 19, 2013 8:55 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 19, 2013 10:42 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Angela Macdonald was driving down US 41 late Friday night to pick up her son from work, when officials said she was side-swiped by another car. The force flipped her car into this canal.

"I was very scared and I was thinking no ones gonna come here, no ones gonna see me, this is how I'm going to end up dying," said Macdonald.

But people did see her and were able to get her out of the upside-down car. The first person was Adrian Hererra, a security guard working at a nearby car dealership.

"It was so quiet all of a sudden I heard a loud noise, boom boom boom, and I just quickly rushed into my truck and high-tailed to see what had happened," said Hererra. "I began to scream if anyone was in there and I heard a response from her say, 'Yes, me, I can't move. I'm stuck, it's dark."

As Hererra called 911, another car pulled up, inside was Andy Cortes and his friends on their way home from a night out.

"So we pulled in, kind of ran out here, made sure everyone was okay, heard yelling from the car so me and her we came up and tried to talk her down, tried to get her out of there asked somebody for a crow bar. They came with a jack instead, broke through the window, heard yells so I dove in tried to talk to her, calm her down a little bit, ripped the belt off and just pulled her right out," said Cortes.

Hererra and Cortes don't consider themselves heroes.

"I'm just happy she's okay," said Hererra.

"I'm sure anyone would've done that," said Cortes.

And all Macdonald can say is thank you.

"Cause I love my kids and I don't want them to be motherless."