Published: Aug 18, 2013 12:22 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 19, 2013 10:49 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Late Friday night deputies arrested a Fort Myers man accused of knowingly spreading HIV.

28-year old James Lee Redmond made his first appearance in Lee County Court Saturday morning, arrested for having sex while knowingly HIV positive and not informing his partner.

"It's a case we don't see every day," said lawyer Joseph Viacava with the Wilber C. Smith III Law Firm.

Viacava says a prosecutor will try to find more victims to strengthen the case against Redmond.

"The prosecutor is gonna want to try to put all the cases together and basically say to a jury all of these people could not be lying versus the defense would want to separate all of them and do them one at a time so that way the jury doesn't know it's multiple people," Viacava said.

But how do you prove Redmond knew of his condition?
"It can be done through his own confession but absent of that I'd be curious to see how they can actually prove that beyond a reasonable doubt," he said.

Redmond's bond was initially set at $30,000 but was raised to $50,000 because of the possibility of other victims.

"Bond goes to how many people are victims, what are his ties to the community. $50,000 for the type of charge and all those counts, that's a reasonable bond," he said.

And while Viacava says it's too soon to speculate on an outcome, he says it's a chilling reminder to others. 

"You have to be very safe in this day and age. There really is not way to be 100% sure so you obviously need to take all of the precautions, but unfortunately, it's buyer beware."

The judge ordered Redmond to have no contact with the alleged victim. He's due back in court next month.