Published: Aug 16, 2013 10:12 PM EDT

LABELLE, FL--Good news for the 12-year old Labelle boy fighting against an extremely rare brain eating amoeba.

Family members tell us doctors at Miami Children's Hospital are giving reyna more time.

Tonight, the family also tells us they are stunned by  the number of people who have reached out to them from around the world.

The number four is taking the town of Labelle by storm.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Reyna family relative Letty Ayala.

It's more than a number, but a life that means so much to so many.

"Everyone knows everyone and everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to help someone out," said Ayala.

For the past week Reyna has been fighting to stay alive, after becoming infected by a rare brain eating amoeba.

ButFriday evening, Ayala tells us the doctors at Miami Children's Hospital decided to give Zachary six more days, with three treatments.

If the treatments work, Zachary will be the fourth person ever to survive this amoeba.

All week people from across the world have been praying non-stop.

"If you read the e-mails that are coming in from Kuwait, from Denmark, from all over," said Ayala.

T-shirts with the number four have been flying off the printer and businesses programmed signs to show their support.

Zach's brother posted on his Facebook page that sports teams like the New York Yankees have sent him gifts.

Even complete strangers to the Reyna family say their lives have changed.

"It's proven to me that my community does come together when they need to," said Tracy Kats.

Now,  the family says they are  relying on one thing--the power of God.

"We are hopefull, and we have all the faith in God and what he is providing for him and the family," said Ayala.

Saturday morning at 9a.m. there will be a benefit carwash for Zachary in Labelle in front of the Autozone on Main Street.