Published: Aug 15, 2013 10:32 PM EDT

LABELLE, FL--People all across southwest Florida are praying for a 12-year old Labelle boy who contracted an extremely rare brain eating amoeba.

Zachary Reyna's classmates walked through their classes before starting school Monday morning, but felt something will be missing.

All the Labelle Middle School students are getting ready to head back to class Monday morning, but someone very special to them will be absent.

"Not as fun as it would be with him, because he is really funny," said friend Michelle Pardo.

12 year old Zachary Reyna is fighting against an extremely rare brain eating amoeba. It attacked after he fell in this water as he was knee-boarding.

It's so rare that the Florida Department of Health says there were just 128 infections in the U.S. from 1962-2012.

According to the family, doctors have begun checking how well Reyna's brain is functioning.

Thursday evening his parents posted on Zac's prayer Facebook page saying "We are still in the storm and it seems to be getting worse."

"Everyone is just keeping on praying for himself and the family and the kids are very worried about him," said Labelle Middle School assistant principal Ken Pickles.


"We stick together through anything, so I think if we do that we will be alright," said friend Brianna Sanchez.