Published: Aug 15, 2013 10:55 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 15, 2013 11:59 PM EDT

GOLDEN GATE, Fla - Friends, family and teammates of 18 year old Joseph Suazo are trying to wrap their head around why a father would allegedly kill his own son.

Thursday night, dozens gathered for a candlelight vigil at Golden Gate Community Center. Earlier in the day Suazo and his mother were found dead inside their Golden Gate home.

News quickly spread of Suazo's death. "I came over here and everyone is saying Suazo. It's hard to believe he's an all star soccer player. You don't expect that everyday. Kids our age dying. I don't know, I'm just speechless, I can't understand," says Esuamy Bouzi.

Soccer balls lined the field where Golden Gate High School soccer star Joseph Suazo would spend his afternoons practicing the sport he loved.

"He was an all star in everything he did and it's just hard to believe one of your best friends died," says Bouzi.

Suazo was heading into his senior year of high school, with a lot of expectations and big aspirations for an athletic career down the road

"When I first heard about it, my heart dropped because he had so much talent. He could've been in the FIFA league for soccer, probably NFL for kicker, or Olympics for track.

Thursday night, the Golden Gate Community came out in full force.. With a lot of hugs and tears for a teen that touched so many lives.

"That's one of the reasons he was here on the field was to get away from the violence, trying to take the negativity away from that and coming here and teaching the kids his knowledge of soccer because everyone knows he had a great talent as a soccer player and a bright future," says Jose Sandovao. 

The teen will be remembered for being a great player but also for being a role model. "Tonight we lost a friend, a brother, a teammate, and a coach."

Taking one last shot for their coach, these kids know the next time they step out on the field an important part of their team will be missing, but they say Suazo will always be in their hearts when they play.