Published: Aug 11, 2013 8:20 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 12, 2013 2:08 AM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fl. -  So many of you have posted your condolences to the Wilson family on our facebook page.

One picture has gotten attention and more than one thousand likes and several hundred shares.  It shows 3-year-old Benjamin Prachniak. 

He was at Saturday's honorary procession with his brother and mom holding signs and wearing a police hat and shirt.
WINK News sat down with the family and found out this tragedy hits much closer to home.

Hundreds of people lined Charlotte County streets Saturday holding signs and waving flags to honor Sgt Mike Wilson.  Amongst those in the crowd, a much younger voice, 3-year-old Benjamin Prachniak.

"Sgt Wilson gave his life protecting our community so I think it's very important that we all were out there to remember what he did," says Christina Prachniak.

By holding homemade signs and wearing police officer uniforms, something Benjamin wants to be when he grows up.  It's a small gesture to show their appreciation and say thank you to this member of law enforcement.

"Thank him and his family for everything that he's done," she adds.

The Prachniaks live in the Lakes at Tuscana apartments.  While the tragedy happened right across from their building, the pain itself is something that hits even closer.  Last year, Benjamin and his brother lost their dad, Christina's husband.

"I can only imagine the pain that they have, you know every situation's different, but he was a hero," she adds.

Knowing Sgt Wilson made the ultimate sacrifice, Christina says she couldn't help but have her family be a part of his celebration of life.

"We just, we wanted to be out there showing as much support as we can and we're very very grateful and thankful for him," she adds.