Published: Aug 10, 2013 11:18 AM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY - The entire community of Charlotte County is showing their respect for Sgt. Michael Wilson. Wink News spoke with local business owners who say they're pulling together during this difficult time.

Almost every where you look, you see blue ribbons. Local business owners say they are symbols of the love they have for their community and one its fallen heroes.

"He was just always in a good mood," said Kevin Doyle, owner of the Celtic Ray.

Doyle says the Charlotte County community is in mourning.

"It's been an outpouring of sympathy. We know the guy Mike, he was a great guy and my son started to organize a benefit which we are still working on. We are definitely giving a portion of our taking to the Wilson family," he said.

Doyle joined fellow store owners Friday as they tied blue ribbons and put up signs across the area to pay tribute to Sgt. Mike Wilson.  

"My heart goes out to his family and friends because I can't imagine a loss like this and for such a good police officer to be lost in the line of duty, it's horrific," said Michael Bechard with the Village Fish Market.

"We have great cops in this city, you can't say enough for the people standing up and standing behind this police officer and it should be that way because they are here to protect us to give us a better quality of life," Bechard said.

Stores along the procession route say they will join the thousands of people expected Saturday morning to say their final farewells.

"We'll be able to go outside and pay our respects as they are driving by so that will be good. I think it's a well deserved send off," said Giuseppe Fasulo of Monty's Pizza.