Published: Aug 09, 2013 9:11 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - An incredible story of lost and found after a Naples man recovers a historic plaque with ties to the Titanic.

It's more than a hundred years old and was last seen in New York before it went missing.

You may remember the men who stayed on the Titanic playing music until the end, but you may not know, in 1912, a large bronze plaque was made in their honor.

"This thing was made the same year the Titanic sank so it was made as a remembrance to the musicians who played until the last as the plaque says.

The plaque was put on display in New York until 1982 when it was left behind. Now 30 years later, it sits in Douglas Turner's Naples home.

"I was extremely overwhelmed, nervous, disbelief," says Turner. Turner came across the plaque at a Naples scrap yard in January. "I noticed the reference to Titanic and 1912 but other than that I knew of Wallace Hartley being a violinist, my daughter is a violinist so that's what drew my attention to it."

He bought it and another for $300. He knew it might be something special, but little did he know he was buying a slab of history. "I googled it," says Turner. "I spent all my free time, just googling it. Okay where did this piece come from. Is it one of many? I had no idea."

He found an article online about the missing plaque and realized he was in possession of a one of a kind tribute to Titanic's musicians. "I was overwhelmed when I first got it. I put it out here like it is now and then I hit it underneath my bed."

But rather than hold on to it, Turner knows it belongs in a place where everyone can see it."This is a one of a kind piece but really needs to be in a museum for people to enjoy it."

The plaque will be unveiled in a special ceremony in Orlando Thursday. It will be on display at Titanic the Experience for six months.

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