Published: Aug 05, 2013 6:48 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.,- Today, more than a dozen major league baseball players were suspended for using illegal, performance enhancing drugs. That decision is having a trickle-down effect at the high school level.  

High school athletes are also taking part in this on going issue, but the FHSAA isn't letting the problem go unnoticed. Tomorrow, a phone conference will be held to take an aggressive step in putting an end to the use of performance enhancing drugs.

We're learning Florida high school athletes were among some of those who are using PED's. The use of PED's among student athletes is prohibited. The FHSAA will review and discuss a proactive way to keep student athletes from engaging in drug use. The FHSAA did release a state to us regarding tomorrow's meeting.

A spokesperson tells WINK News: Tthe FHSAA understands the use of performance enhancing drugs is an issue and wants to be proactive in preventing and dissuade young student athletes from the use of these substances. A very high priority of ours is the safety of our student athletes, as well as preserving fair play for all of our member schools."

WINK will be sitting in on the phone conference, trust we will bring you the developing details.