Published: Aug 01, 2013 5:53 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 01, 2013 6:12 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.,- A tattoo shop robbery was caught on camera. Video helped deputies arrest the suspect, who they believe is responsible for breaking into six Lehigh Acres businesses.

Video shows the suspect, who deputies say is Patrick Hudson, making his way into D.R. Tattoo in Lehigh Acres, robbing and leaving them with little to nothing.

"I was very upset. I got a broken glass on the door, nothing, not any machines, ink, cause we sell supplies to, and this guy, he just took everything," said Owner of D.R. Tattoo, Marina Gomez.

The suspect is seen entering a back room here, looking a little lost as he tries to find a light switch. He finally does, and exposes part of his identity the camera, helping deputies learn who he is.

"It hurt a lot because that's a lot of money in those machines, inks, needles, but now we just have to work more to get all that money back," said Gomez.

The suspect smashed a candy machine with a hammer, taking the money inside. According to the Sheriff's report, the suspect's spree spanned several days. He broke into a total of six businesses along Lee Boulevard and Joan Avenue South.

"You open a business and spend a lot of money, and some people don't realize how much money you do spend to open it, and somebody just walking on by and breaks your glasses," said Son Nguyen with ABC Nails & Spa.

But before he could strike again, an undercover deputy caught the suspect throwing a brick through a glass window, making his way inside. Deputies moved in and made an arrest.

Hudson remains behind bars. Deputies say he is charged with five counts of business burglaries. The investigation is still ongoing.