Published: Jul 31, 2013 10:51 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 31, 2013 11:13 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla - A new consumer report reveals surprising ratings when it comes to one of Southwest Florida's more popular hospitals.

An analysis ranked the best hospitals in the country for surgery. NCH Downtown Naples was rated one of the lowest.

In the past hospital data is rarely released leaving patients to make important decisions based on reputation, but now this report, for the first time sheds some light on hospital quality.

Jim Buck is back home recovering after a full knee replacement surgery for NCH Downtown. "I didn't get an infection. I went through my rehabilitation and I'm now at five weeks and I have no problems."

He has nothing bad to say about his experience, but others do. "I just really feel for the wealth in this community and for the age of the population the care is not what I would have expected," says a Naples woman who asked to remain anonymous. She says her husband died after heart surgery at NCH.

"They checked him in, had him for 10 days, did open heart surgery. He had an excellent surgeon, but he never came out of anesthesia."

Consumer Reports analyzed three years of Medicare billing records from 2,500 hospitals across the country. The analysis covered 27 different kinds of surgeries and rated hospitals based on the percentage of Medicare patients undergoing surgery who either died or were hospitalized longer than expected. NCH was ranked among the worst.

"We know the ratings aren't a perfect measurement, but we think they're a perfect first step in giving patients the information they need to make a informed choice," John Santa with Consumer Reports.

According to Consumer Reports NCH is one of the leading hospitals when it comes to the number of knee replacement surgeries it performs, but they received the lowest rating for the procedure.

Buck says he could have gone to a number of places for but wanted to stay close to home and says this new data wouldn't change his decision down the road.

"He did, I thought, a wonderful job," says Buck.

A voicemail and email left for Deb Curry at NCH's Media Relations Department were not returned.

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