Published: Jul 29, 2013 6:38 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla -- Crews were back on scene Monday trying to finish up the Matlacha bridge project. Friday, July 26th the contractor, Archer Western failed to meet its deadline.

Lee County could seek damages of around two million dollars. The county now must decide, whether to give the contractor more time to finish the work or hire someone else to complete the job.

There is more trouble for that same bridge project. The developer is violating the county code by dumping piles of concrete in Bokeelia.

The site is almost seven miles from the Matlacha bridge.

The pile of rubble rubs resident Dick Newman the wrong way. "The thing that really pisses me off, I should say is, they have, I don't know the exact figure, anywhere between 50 and 70 acres back there. And they could of very easily taken it back in the back 40 somewhere, dumped it back there, nobody would of seen it," he said.

The county sent the land owner, Tranquility Bay Pine Island LLC, notices of violation Thursday, July 25th, because the open storage of concrete and other waste materials is not permitted.

Now the owner has less than two weeks to clean it up, or face a $250 a day fine after the August 8th deadline.
But Newman says even after the warning, trucks continue to dump debris near his families home.

"I'll go on record right now and say the guy's not going to do a thing. because first of all, they need 15 days to move that stuff? They couldn't move that pile in 15 days if they worked 24 hours a day," Newman said.

Virginia Morton can't see the dump site, but wonders if the notice of violation will mean more truck traffic near her home. "I dont understand it. They've spent all that time putting it down there and now they have to bring it back out? It makes no sense," Morton said.

We reached out to the developer responsible for dumping the concrete on site, but have yet to get a call back.