Published: Jul 27, 2013 6:45 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - Streets underwater, and some yards, too. Friday night, parts of Naples received quite a soaking.   

Some drivers aren't afraid to plow through the flooded lot of Park Shore Plaza. One woman was prepared with her rainboots! 

John and Judith Sayres have visited Collier County for about 20 years. "We then thought 'I wonder how bad Naples has got it?' And then here we are today," said John Sayres.

They've never see it like this. "I thought at first of all it was an oasis, a bit too far off for that really, or a bust pipe or torrential rain. And I've never seen torrential rain do that!" said Sayres.

WINK-TV meteorologists say coastal Collier County and southern Lee County received extensive rainfall late Friday into Saturday morning. North Naples received 5.28 inches of rain since Friday morning. 

The downpour soaked streets near Imperial Golf Estates and added a few more obstacles at the local golf course. 
Photos from a WINK viewer show parts of Naples Park underwater. 

Diane DeWald owns Mega Kids at Park Shore. "We are a children's furniture store, baby to teen," she explained. 

"We've seen it (flooding) before, periodically, but we haven't seen it in a long time," she said. She hopes it wont put a damper on her business. "It's not good for business, it's not good for the environment either," she said.

Luckily, by the middle of the day Saturday, a lot of the flooded areas started to dry up. 

Brixmore Property Group manages the Park Shore Plaza. A spokeswoman tells us they jetted the drains the first of June in preparation for storm season, and there is ongoing work to fix the problem.