Published: Jul 23, 2013 1:46 PM EDT

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla. - Neighbors along Everglades Boulevard are calling for safer school bus stop after a 16-year-old was struck by a car near one.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, Max Simpreux was standing on a grass shoulder near Everglades Boulevard and 31st Avenue Northeast around 6:30 Monday morning. That's when troopers say 72-year-old Charles Naumoff struck him with a car.

"It got me sick to my stomach, honestly," said Jennifer Sarragua, a neighbor, who knows Simpreux's family through youth football. "It could have very well happened to any of our kids."

According to Sarragua, the spot Simpreux was struck is the same place her kids and others wait every morning to catch the school bus.

"The cars just fly past it, and it's crazy," Sarragua said. "A lot of it is school traffic and bus traffic, and it's very nerve-wracking."

She and other neighbors, like Lydia Viera think conditions could be safer by adding sidewalks or more signs.

"I think they should put a unit of cops in the morning and afternoon when kids get off from school and when they leave to make sure they're safe," Viera said.

At last check, Simpreux remained in critical condition at Lee Memorial Hospital. Troopers ticketed Naumoff for careless driving.