Published: Jul 20, 2013 12:20 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 21, 2013 6:47 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fl. - A local dental practice gave people plenty to smile about Saturday.  It was the third annual Dentistry from the Heart event at Bonita Dental Care.

Hundreds of residents got services free of charge.  

Filling, drilling and often a chilling experience: going to the dentist.  But Saturday, this sometimes nervracking trip to the dentist chair was all from the heart.

For the third year in a row, employees at Bonita Dental Care volunteered their time and performed hundreds of cleanings, fillings and extractions to give folks who can't afford it, a bright teethy grin and all for free.

"I thought thank you Jesus because like I said I have not been able to afford my tooth, I don't even like smiling," says Karen Hilton.

Hilton rushed over here Saturday morning anxious to get her front tooth fixed.  It's something she hasn't been able to afford since other medical bills have taken over.

"I can't stop thinking about, I'm finally going to get this tooth fixed and I'll be able to feel like... I'll probably feel like a million bucks because I'm a people person but I don't like people to see this," Hilton says.

But after a little work, Karen can't stop smiling

"This is such a blessing to me today!" Hilton adds.

A reaction that makes the event all worth it!

"There's so much need and they take care of them and they come out and they thank you and they've got tears in their eyes and it's just a wonderful day for everyone," says Kevin Baker with Bonita Dental Care.