Published: Jul 15, 2013 10:37 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 15, 2013 11:25 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--Dozen's of Rose Rundle's supporters lashed out at the Fort Myers City Council tonight, fired up about her firing.

Rundle, the former head of the Harborside Event Center, was fired back in June.

Dozens of pink roses were pinned to those fighting for Rose Rundle at tonights council meeting.

"We were shocked and devastated that she was fired. Especially as abruptly as it happened," said supporter Melinda Isley.

Rundle was the general manager of the Harborside Event center in downtown Fort Myers for 11 years.

City Manager William Mitchell fired Rundle in June for allowing one of her subordinate employees to live with her, showing them favoritism and other violations.

Rundle's supporters say she was wrongfully fired and wasn't able to defend herself.

"She has been tossed aside like a pair of old shoes and we are very unhappy about that and we think her side  of the story needs to be heard," said Pam Cronin.

Many supporters believe Rundle was fired because she and mayor Randy Henderson didn't agree on the type of hotel that should be built in downtown.

"Oh good lord no. That's, totally, I have no evidence of that," said Mayor Henderson.

We've learned the city manager has the power to fire city employees without the council's say still feels there was enough evidence to fire Rundle.

No matter the allegations, her supporters see her as a perfect leader.

"For an 11 plus year exemplary employee, we don't feel that is fair," said Isley.

The council decided not to act regarding Rundle's firing. One of Rundle's supporters told the council is they will not let her tell her story, she will think about filing a lawsuit.