Published: Jul 14, 2013 4:39 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--WINK News spoke with local defense attorney Scott Moorey and former state attorney Joseph D'Alessandro.
They both say from the beginning the state's chances of winning were poor.

George Zimmerman aquitted; a verdict that local defense attorney Scott Moorey saw coming.

"The evidence in this case was all in Mr. Zimmerman's favor," said Moorey.

Moorey says that evidence made a second degree murder charge extremely farfetched.
He also feels there was no way for the state to prove Zimmerman intended to shoot Trayvon Martin on that rainy night last February.
"I think they over-stepped in the initial charges. This should have been brought as a manslaughter case," said Moorey.

Joseph D'Alessandro, a former Florida State Attorney for 34 years, also agrees a second degree murder charge was too hard to prove.

"Murder 1 is easy. You have premeditation, intended to kill. Murder 2 is ill-will, spite and gross disregard for human life. Ill-will is a hard thing to prove," said D'Alessandro.

D'Alessandro also says the state's witnesses weren't prepared and hurt their case.

"When I mean prepared, not here is what you are going to say, but what are you going to say and you cant assume things," he said.

Moorey says the case could have had a completely different outcome if george Zimmerman took the stand and testified.

"When you put someone on the stand who is not an experienced witness, points can be picked out as to those inconsistencies," said Moorey.

The NAACP plans to draft a petition for the department of justice to file civil rights violations against George Zimmerman.