Published: Jul 11, 2013 6:15 AM EDT

Florida leads the country with the most foreclosure filings. Just released numbers from  foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac, show in the sunshine state one in every 355 homes had a foreclosure filing during June.

That's higher than the numbers from May.

Overall, Lee County is not listed in the top counties for foreclosures, but does lead southwest Florida with one in every 653 homes receiving a notice.

Lehigh Acres, however, leads the county with the most filings with one in every 334 homes receiving a notice.

In Collier County, one in every 490 homes received a notice and it's one in every 317 in Charlotte County.

Across the nation, fewer homes entered the foreclosure process or were repossessed by banks in June.
RealtyTrac says banks initiated the foreclosure process on about 57,200 U.S. homes last month.
That's the lowest level for any month in 7½ years and down sharply from May and June last year.
Completed foreclosures also posted steep monthly and annual declines in June, at 35,500 homes.
The trend is the latest sign that the nation is shaking off its housing bust hangover.
The U.S. housing recovery continues to gain strength, propelled by steady job gains, low interest rates and rising home values.
Even so, foreclosures remain a potential drag on housing in many states, including Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Ohio and Georgia.