Published: Jul 09, 2013 10:23 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 10, 2013 12:06 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--A swarm of mosquito have taken over a good portion of southwest Florida.

All the rain we have had the past few weeks created a perfect breeding environment and now the Lee County Mosquito Control District is hard at work trying to protect you.

Shannon Wise has thousands of unwanted house guests.

They are mosquito that he says are becoming a nuisance.

"They are very aggressive, they will attack you real quick," said Wise.

All the rain the past few weeks has left standing water all across the area.

It's a breeding ground for mosquitoes that are now invading.

"They just swarm you, swarm and swarm and you are covered in bites," said Becky West.

West lives by a canal in Lehigh Acres and says in her time here, the mosquitoes have never been this bad.

West also says even bug spray doesn't work.

"We have tried all different kinds of bug spray, the ones with deet, the lemon oil everything," said West.

"This is one of our first real big bursts of the mosquito population," said Shelly Redovan with the Lee County Mosquito Control District says they are out in full force trying to take down as many of the blood sucking pests as possible.

"Right now our focus is knocking down the adult mosquito population," said Redovan.

To let the Lee County Mosquito District know about any mosquito problem in your neighborhood, click here.