Published: Jul 04, 2013 12:04 AM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Many parts of Charlotte County are drying out after Tuesday's heavy rain flooded roads and neighborhoods. But for some, the storms washed away all of their belongings.

Wink News spoke to residents who live in camps in the woods off State Road 776 who say the standing water is making a difficult situation even worse.

"It's not a good environment for anybody in any weather but especially in this weather," said Ronald Paolucci.

"There's tents that are getting flooded out whole campsites that can't be gotten to, pathways that are flooded, people their clothes, everything is drenched and they are suffering out there," said Alicia Cunningham with the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition.

Cunningham says many of the people living in camps have moved to higher ground to escape the bugs and the smell.

"Tomorrow we are going open the shelter laundry room to some of our area campers, homeless people and let them dry up their blankets and clothing so they can at least feel human again," she said, "We can always use extra blankets and pillows, bedding, towels, they need things like bug spray and flashlights, tarps things that can help them stay dry during these torrential downpours we've been experiencing."