Published: Jul 04, 2013 5:55 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 04, 2013 6:10 PM EDT

SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla.,- Breaking the rules at the Sanibel Island parade. Our wink cameras caught people engaging in water fights, something that was suppose to be banned.

The police chief said the ban was for the safety of spectators and participants.

"I was kind of mad because I wanted to get wet, so I was kind of disappointed, but it's ok because they brought them anyways," said parade goer Abdullah Elkafifi.

No squirt guns, no super soakers and no water hoses. Our cameras were on the parade route that didn't necessarily stay dry.

"I felt really annoyed because I have been waiting for this day to come because I wanted to bring a bucket of water and throw it on some people," said Nicholas Leindecker.

It was a decision made by the Sanibel police chief, putting a hault on a 22-year tradition on Sanibel Island.

"it's really fun to do it, it's really fun to squirt people because you can cool down," said Merik Larson.

But some decided this water ban just wasn't meant for them, and they wouldn't let law enforcement rain on their parade.

"We're just rebels!"

One family brought out their super soaking devices, simply looking to engage in a water fight. Their mission was successful!

"Every year we come here with the water cannons to cool people off in the parades because it's just so hot and muggy out and of course they cool us down," said Erik Larson.

But some say following the rules is a better policy.

"We thought there would be cops watching us."

"I was just mad because I don't want to break the rules ever."

The police chief said safety has to come first.

"I just don't like getting wet with my clothes on, you see, I am riding my bike back and I just don't like riding my bike with my clothes soaking wet," said Caroline Hultz.

When we spoke to Police Chief Bill Tomlinson this week, he said anyone caught with a water soaking device would be verbally warned.. But, if someone claimed they were harmed, the department would look into further action. We are waiting to hear back from the chief on how enforcement went.