Published: Jul 02, 2013 5:35 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 02, 2013 7:10 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - The severe weather continues to turn parking lots into pools, specially in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers.

We found a completely flooded parking lot at a shopping center off Pondella Road and Orange Grove Boulevard in North Fort Myers.

A downfall of summer rain is putting a damper on business for everyone at Hidden Treasures Flea Market and Antiques in North Fort Myers.

Mark Lieb has a shop inside and says, he's never seen it this flooded.

"This time a year a lot of our clientele is elderly, people come in they see this lake out here and they just turn right around and keep on going," he said.

In the front and the back of the Coral Gate Commons shopping center, it's high tide. The unexpected waterfront property is bringing some unwanted customers.

"Apparently there's been a water moccasin, a couple alligators," said Jake Loreman.

The property manager says she's sturggled with this same problem before, and has repeatedly asked the county to help clean up swales and improve drainage. Those here are trying to cope as best they can.

"We don't have that much parking here because the water is so deep, it's almost knee deep out there," said Mike Davis.

Brian OConner owns The Go Go Diner nearby. "At the plaza we have a visibility problem. This just adds to it. You know, I can live with the visibility, with advertising, but I can't advertise waterfront dining," he said.

Despite this, he did have some loyal customers who waded through the flooded parking lot. "We like to come here, so we wethered the elements," said a customer.

People want you to know, despite this weather, they are open for your business and are trying to stay positive.