Published: Jul 02, 2013 10:45 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 02, 2013 11:53 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--24-year old Henry Brunson was accused of shooting and killing an Immokalee teenager, but today walked out of jail a free man.

Kanasha Isaac was shot back in February in the parking lot of the Miller's Ale House on Colonial Boulevard.

But today, there have new developments in the case. the Sate Attorney's Office does not have enough evidence to prosecute Brunson for that shooting.

After spending a little over four months in the Lee County Jail, 24-year old Henry Brunson walks free.

Today, the State Attorney's office said there is insufficient evidence to prove Brunson shot and killed Kanasha Isaac just before midnight in the parking lot of the Miller's Ale house on Colonial, while she was in a car with several other people.

"It's frustrating, but we still have to work through it and we worked with what we have," said FMPD Captain Duke Perry.

TheState Attorney's office says there were several problems making a case.

Jareka McCutcheon, the only eyewitness in the case, told a detective Brunson was the shooter, but then told another detective someone else fired the gun.

It turns out the four people in the car with Isaac lied about another person riding with them, never mentioning to police the group dropped him off at a stoplight after the shooting.    

"The detectives trying to do his case and the defendant invoked his rights and we were just trying to work around it," said Perry.

But the State Attorney's reports says while FMPD detectives were interviewing Brunson, he invoked his right to an attorney and the interview wasn't stopped.

It also says detectives took gunshot residue swabs from Brunson, but they were discarded instead of being put in to evidence.

Brunson's attorney tells us he believed Brunson was wrongfully put behind bars.

"The investigation was so poor, so sub-par, so inept, that it took the defense attorney to hire investigators to look in to the case," said Robert Harris.

And now Fort Myers Police will review the case and start over, to try and catch the killer.

"We will sit down as a group and we will go over this case again and we will look at what went wrong and what was did well and we will move forward," said Perry.