Published: Jun 26, 2013 7:01 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.,- Flying over the waters of Southwest Florida! It's a twist the world of extreme sports has brought to the table. It's called "flyboarding" and tonight WINK News shows you how it's done.

"You feel like iron man!"

It's a feeling similar to a super hero, the ability to surf the sky or even swim like a dolphin.

"It looks more extreme than it really is, it's actually pretty simple, most users get in just a couple of minutes," said owner of FMB Flyboard Brandon Graddy.

You may not have heard if it yet, but it's called "flyboarding," an extreme sport now making waves on Fort Myers Beach.

"My grandma actually sent me a video of this online and after we saw the video we one, thought it looked like a lot of fun and secondly it would be a great addition to the water sports already offered on FMB," Graddy said.

It was time to see what it was like to defy gravity. Strapping on the board with two nozzles underneath each foot that allows you to "take off." Finding that center balance is step one.

"The way it works is the thrust of a jet ski is redirected basically through a large red fire hose, thrust comes out of the bottom of the flyboard and that's what propels you into the air."

The key is to arch your back, lift your toes and keep legs straight.

"The hardest part is getting off and giving someone else a try."

But how high can you really get? Well, it all depends on the power from the jet ski and the weight of the user. Today, it was 25 feet! But as difficult as it looks, and a couple dives later, it actually only took five minutes to figure out how to go for a steady ride.

"Flyboarding" was started by Zapatas Racing, a company known for their experience in jet ski racing back in spring of 2011.  For more information on how you can get out and fly with FMB Flyboard, go to or call Brandon Graddy at 239-898-4063.