Published: Jun 23, 2013 9:22 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 23, 2013 10:39 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL - Long before the first whistle blew, fans were already lined up outside Bamboozles Skating Center. The rink is home to the Fort Myers Roller Derby.

"Our league has two teams, the Palm City Punishers and the Fort Myers Misdemeanors. The Palm City Punishers are our national travel team and the Misdemeanors are our JV team, like our b-team," said Natasha Rever.

On Sunday night, the Misdemeanors hit the floor, looking for their 12th win in a row. In the stands were the team's longtime fans, like Bill Madison.

"I missed one game because I was traveling," said Madison.

And even some newbies.

"I've never seen roller derby before, but I've seen it on the tv and thought it was interesting," said Walt Fisch.

The best seats in the house are also the most dangerous, they're called Suicide Seats and they get you closest to the action

"I just cant get enough of it," said Madison.

Natasha Rever, the President of the Fort Myers Derby Girls Roller Derby League, said southwest Florida can't get enough of it either.

"Anywhere between 3 and 400 people come out to the game," said Rever.

"It's also just our local team, and people should be supporting it just like the Miracle and the Everblades," said Madison.

Rever expects the number to continue rising now that her League has officially joined the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. It's the sports governing body and even ranks the world's best teams.

"Some people call it the last true, you know, amateur sport," said Rever.