Published: Jun 21, 2013 11:51 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 21, 2013 11:59 PM EDT

PUNTA RASSA, Fla.- A slippery boat ramp sent a truck into the water at the Punta Rassa Boat Ramp.

Someone was backing their boat into the water when the trailer fell off the end of the ramp. That, in turn, dragged the truck into some algae that formed on the ramp, and the truck slid right in. One person was inside the truck at the time, but they managed to get out safely.

"I don't know. We were dropping the boat in, next thing we know, anchor hooked onto the trailer and pulled everything in. Just a freak accident man," said Steve, the son of truck owner.

It took a tow truck more than two hours to pull the submerged truck to dry land.