Published: Jun 21, 2013 10:36 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 21, 2013 11:59 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL--A slew of new businesses are popping up in the cape. Last year the city launched a campaign to attract new businesses, so we wanted to find out if it's working.

Last september 16 billboards popped up around the city to lure in new companies.

"I think it is starting to work. It is slowly working. If you look at a few years ago there were no businesses coming in to town," said realtor Cindy Berger.

The past few months have been full of good news for those who live in the Cape.

The announcement of a new Ford's Garage, Golden Corral and a starbucks coming to town has businesses like Paradise Pizza thrilled.

"Not everyone sees us when they are wizzing by so we though a new starbucks? Good for us," said Jeff Cariello.

Just this week it was announced that Pinchers Crab Shack and Sams Club will be opening up as well.

"That is fantastic, that really is, the variety," said customer Maricel Calello.

And how's this for variety, a Barista's Coffee Company is setting up shot off Cape Coral Parkway.

The store has women dressed in skimpy outfits serving your cup of joe.

Mayor John Sullivan feels part of the success of these new places has to do with the  city working better to help companies through the paperwork process.

"We are doing it a lot better than how we were doing before. It is not where we want it yet, but we are working on it," he said.

Another aspect of the new developments is job creation.

Parents say new businesses could do wonders for those looking for work.

"I have a high school kid that cant find a jobs because there are a lot of older people going for highschool jobs now," said parent Karen Marzullo.