Published: Jun 20, 2013 1:24 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- Times are changing in your kids' classrooms. Schools across the country are moving the focus away from state standardized testing. They're going back to the common core, but some parents don't like the new federal standards.

Concerned parents and community leaders from all over Southwest Florida gathered to protest ahead of a teacher workshop this afternoon. The school board plans to discuss the common core and how the new standards will affect students, staff and the school district.

The principal of Port Charlotte High School, Steve Dionisio, said he hasn't seen much backlash from parents so far, because the common core standards are still so new, but he understands that with the news comes some hesitance from concerned members of the community.

Protestors said their main concerns are that once the common core standards are put in place, local school boards will only be able to alter 15 percent of the established curriculum.

Principal Dionisio said their goal as a school district is to make sure the curriculum compliments the standards already put in place in Charlotte County.