Published: Jun 20, 2013 5:47 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 20, 2013 6:20 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - We know the three top contenders the city will choose from to replace KC's Riverstop. Dixie Roadhouse, owners of Ford's Garage, and the owners of the South Cape Diner want to transform the area in the Cape Coral Yacht Club into a destination location.

WINK-TV caught up with Zak Kearns overseeing the construction of the Ford's Garage new location in Cape Coral.

As part of the group that owns Ford's Garage, Firestone, and Los Cabos Cantina, he's one busy guy. Kearns now wants to expand to the city's Cape Coral Yacht Club.

"It's on the water, there's a beach we love locations like that, it separates it from everything else," Kearns said.
He's submitted a proposal to become the new tenant along with Dixie Roadhouse and the owners of the South Cape Diner to take over and transform KC's Riverstop. After decades in this spot, KC's is losing its lease next month.

"Do live entertainment if we can, extend the deck like I said, offer great food, for reasonable pricing," Kearns said.

According to documents, Dixie Roadhouse is proposing a casual dining, tropical type setting, and could call it "Dixie Boathouse."

The owners of the South Cape Diner want to call KC's "Poppy's Grill" and would offer a concession stand/snack bar type business.

Councilman Marty McClain says he's pleased with all contenders and says the most imporant thing for him is that the new tenant provides financial stability.

"It all boils down to dollars and cents we have to look at revenues. We have to look at our assets," McClain said.

Another challenge will be combining the beachy atmosphere with an air conditioned restaurant that will attract more people.

The selection advisory committee ranks Ford's Garage owner Zak Kearns as number one for this spot, followed by Dixie Roadhouse then the South Cape Diner.

City council has the final say.