Published: Jun 19, 2013 5:23 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 19, 2013 5:41 PM EDT

NAPLES, FL - Scary moments for three cousins. Officials said Fabian Guzman, 13 year old Frank Llyod Torres, and 16 year old Ezequiel Rosales were playing in the water at Clam Pass Tuesday when a rapid current swept them out to the Gulf. Torres tried saving his young cousin, but the water was too rough. Rosales and an employee from Pelican Bay were able to get the two out safely.

Beach-goers who came out to enjoy the sun and water on Wednesday said they're keeping a closer eye on the strength of the waves.

"The current may get them under and people may not be seeing them around," said Luis Ortega, who was visiting Naples.

"We let it pull us out cause we were like lets see how strong this is," said Kristin Conway.

One Naples resident, who didn't want his face shown on camera, thinks the tides have gotten higher and stronger ever since Clam Pass was dredged earlier this year.

"Because the opening here is much wider and deeper than its ever been," he said.

But Neil Dorrill, with Pelican Bay Services, told WINK News they monitor the tide levels and the dredge was only cut to a 45 foot depth, as opposed to 80 feet back in 2006. Still, officials said no matter the depth, without lifeguards on the sand, we should all be more vigilant out on the water.