Published: Jun 18, 2013 11:41 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--One man is behind bars after he's accused of tying up a Lehigh teenager and robbing her house.

As she was bound, the teen was texting her father pleading for help.

Just before ten o'clock Monday morning, Stephen was working when a startling text popped up on his phone from his 15-year old daughter.

She was home alone in Lehigh Acres and kept texting.

The texts said there is somebody at the front door and they keep knocking. His daughter kept texting asking for help.

The teenager told deputies two men wearing bandanas over their face broke through the front door and tied her up with TV cables.
Stephen was rushing home from work after he got the texts.

"I just wouldn't stop calling her. I just kept calling and hoping I was going to get an answer to know what was going on," said Stephen.

Once Stephen arrived home, he found his daughter on the couch with her hands bound together.
"I was very relieved. Very relieved. It still goes through my head every day," he said.

20-year old Wilfrid Simeon was arrested just hours after the burglary.
Undercover deputies followed a car Simeon was in to another Lehigh Acres home where a van was backed into the driveway.

Deputies say for some reason that van took off for Collier County, where Collier Deputies pulled it over and found guns and ammunition inside.

Stephen identified TV's and jewelry in that van that were taken from his house.

Stephen is glad that's all they got.

"I kept thinking I should have been there, you know? And it's probably going to be there for a while," he said.

Deputies believe the guns and ammunition found in that van were stolen from another robbery in Lehigh earlier this month.