Published: Jun 17, 2013 9:06 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 17, 2013 10:43 PM EDT

NORTH NAPLES, Fla - Controversy over cell phone towers at school. A group of parents at Naples Park Elementary are fighting to keep the tower off school property and away from their kids.

"I was shocked," says parent Kimberly Dunn of learning a cell phone tower may go up at her son's school.

Stephanie Lucarelli will have two kids at Naples Park next school year. Afraid of the health effects a cell phone tower could have on her children she started an online petition.

"We feel we don't know enough about the radiation coming from a cell phone tower to know whether or not 10-20 years from now our kids are going to see any health effects from this," says Lucarelli.

Currently the School District has three cell phone towers. One at Lely High School and two at Naples High School. Together the district receives more than $58,000 from the three towers.

"There's no monetary amount you could give us to expose our children to the chance of getting some childhood illness," says Lucarelli.

According to the FCC, "there is no reason to believe that such towers could constitute a potential health hazard to nearby residents or students.

Still, Kimberly Dunn isn't taking any chances. For her, this fight is personal and one she plans to continue until her voice is heard.

"Spreading the word, spreading the information. It's going to be tough during the summer because school is out, says Dunn. "I feel it's going to be an uphill battle, but the more we speak up. It's our children."

A district spokesperson says staff will meet with parents in the fall to receive additional input before deciding on how to proceed.