Published: Jun 17, 2013 10:07 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 17, 2013 11:09 AM EDT

IMMOKALEE, Fla. - While many Americans celebrated Father's Day over the weekend, dozens of Immokalee families spent the holiday demonstrating for immigration reform. The Florida Immigrant Coalition joined communities across the country protesting deportation.

Immokalee families and supporters of immigration reform say Father's Day is a reminder of the person they miss the most.

"We want to use it as a platform to talk about the many issues that are effecting our community including deportations and talk about why we need immigration reform this year," said Grey Torrico with the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

28-year old Sesia Dominguez is a U.S. citizen who met and married her husband Heriverto in fort myers in 2001. According to Dominguez, the father of three was not a legal citizen and without a drivers license and the ability to work, returned to Mexico to provide for his family. His kids don't understand why he's gone.

"I basically explained it like in school guidelines, you know, there's rules in school that you have to follow and there's rules that our family has to follow here. Once those rules are changed, then daddy's gonna be able to come back," she said.

The Florida Immigrant Coalition says they want to send a clear message to Congress and the Obama Administration to end these types of deportations and say the system is broken.

"Look, the vast majority of Americans, the vast majority of conservative republicans are prepared to support immigration reform, but only if we can ensure that we're not going to have another wave of illegal immigration in the future," said Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is one of the authors of a bipartisan Senate proposal that would reform immigration.

Senator Lindsey Graham is another one of the bill's Republican authors. Sunday he said the Republican party would head into a "death spiral" if immigration legislation does not pass.