Published: Jun 17, 2013 10:22 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 17, 2013 11:57 PM EDT

ESTERO, FL-- Growing pains as car rental company, Hertz, begins to put its stamp on southwest Florida.

With plans to develop its state the art, 300,000 square foot world headquarters in Estero, neighbors have some questions about how their lives could soon be changing.


Right now it is 34 acres of land that sits bare, but soon it will be the new home of Hertz.


"We want to a great environment for our associates. We want to have a great sustainable building design," said Hertz VP of Construction Dan Wisk.

It will be a three story, 300,000 square foot building on the corner of US 41 and Williams Road.

Just off Williams is the planned main entry point.


"But 750 people, that is a lot of people coming in and out and a lot of cars," said Beverly MacNellis.


MacNellis lives just right across the street from the proposed headquarters site.         

She and others in the neighboring Rapallo community are worried the amount of employees driving past their back gate on Via Villagio could cause some problems.

"It is just  going to add to the potential for some potential accidents that will occur there," said Tony Caputo.


"We are going to make sure that we keep safety top of mind. We want to make sure that we put in all the necessary improvements," said Wisk.

There will also be a 5,000 square foot show room with a 50 space lot for car sales and rentals and space for a future 150,000 square foot building.

The architecture and even the landscaping will have to stay in line with Estero's mediterranean style.

"We want to have a building that is more flexible, more sustainable, that is environmentally friendly and that  creates a great working environment for our associates," said Wisk.

Hertz also wants to try and be the best neighbor possible.

"They are going to have their opinions and we want to make sure that we make them as happy as we can," said Wrisk.

County commissioner still have to give Hertz the OK to develop on the land. Hertz wants to break ground in September.