Published: Jun 13, 2013 6:53 PM EDT

NAPLES, FL - "When you're offered a Superman movie, and we have nine grandkids, you're not going to turn that down," said Captain Lance Juilan.

Captain Lance Julian has a long maritime history and movie history. Combine the two and you have his company, Marine Team International. They're responsible for putting some of your favorite stars on the water.

"You can't go far past Titanic."

Titanic, The Hangover 2, even a few 007 Bond movies. His most recent job put him face-to-face with the man of steel.

"You gotta tell your grandkids, I looked after superman...and we did," said Captain Julian.

Captain Julian and his team put the new Clark Kent on thewater. These are his personal photos and videos he took while the movie was filming these scenes near Vancouver Island. He said some of those days were dangerous for the crew.

"And get beat to hell, which the director and the people wanted."

But even in these conditions, he said it's something he loves to do.

"If I didnt have the Captain part of it, I wouldn't be doing, what I'm doing."

Captain Julian hopes to bring film-making to Naples.

"There's realistic plans. Yeah, there's a goal."

He's already heard from producers and production companies intereted in shooting in the southwest Florida water.

"So we're looking at how to enhance that."