Published: Jun 13, 2013 10:54 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 14, 2013 9:14 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL - Over the past week, two people have died and two others arrested after extreme acts of domestic violence in Southwest Florida.

"He's trying to kill us. He said he would," cried Bonnie Hohensee in a chilling 911 call.

 These cries for help are from the most extreme cases of domestic violence. It happened when Bonnie Hohensee was almost free.

"The most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is when that victim leaves," said Colleen Henderson with Abuse Counseling and Treatment.

Just this week, Southwest Florida had 3 extremely violent reports of domestic violence. In one of them, a man barricaded himself in a Lehigh Acres home with a gun, killing himself and his ex-girlfriend.

In another case, a teenager was arrested after he reportedly strangled his 7-months-pregnant girlfriend and began to punch her stomach.

A victim in another case did not want to be name, but says she was able to escape after she says her boyfriend, Jason Seaman, held her against her will for hours as he choked, kicked and burned her.

"It was an argument, and then it got out of hand," she said.

She had filed a restraining order on Seaman once before, but later lifted it.

"I was in some trouble, so he told me he was going to help me... and that he would be there for me and he was sorry," she said.

That interaction is what Fort Myers psychiatrist Dr. Omar Rieche says he sees happen all too often, where victims stay with the abuser after they seem to change.

"Wanting to be forgiven and promising to not do it again and so that cycle starts all over again," said Dr. Rieche.

In most situations, people close to the family have no idea how violent an abuser can be behind closed doors.

"This is very target specific violence. They are not usually violent criminals in society," said Henderson.

"They can be extremely in control in non-violent ways," Said Rieche.

Dr. Rieche also says domestic violence rises during vacations or when the family is mostly together, like now when school is out.

ACT says if you're in an abusive relationship, it's very important to have an escape plan.