Published: Jun 13, 2013 10:22 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 13, 2013 10:42 PM EDT

GATEWAY, Fla. - For the first time, we are hearing the chilling 911 call made last month from inside a Gateway home. Authorities say Art Hohensee shot at his ex-wife and daughter, then set the home on fire before taking his own life. The calls for help reveal the chaotic moments from inside the home, along with how authorities helped rescue the women.

Bonnie: He's trying to shoot us.
Operator: Who?
Bonnie: My husband.
Operator: What is your address?
Bonnie: He's shooting over and over and over.

Bonnie: He's in the house. He's in here. He's going to kill us.

Operator: You have your daughter with you?
Bonnie: Yes.
Operator: Where are you in the house?
Bonnie: I'm hiding in the bathroom now. Hurry, please.

Operator: Alright ma'am, what's his name?
Bonnie: Art Hohensee. He's here to kill us. Oh God.

Bonnie: He's got a lot of guns. Police came, they took them out of here, they Baker Acted him. Please, there is a police officer that lives in our neighborhood.
Operator: Ma'am, we've got help on the way to you okay?
Bonnie: He won't be here in time. You're going to find out.

Operator: Does he live at this house?
Bonnie: No. I love you, Susie.

Bonnie: Oh no, he's burning the house.

Bonnie: He has the house burning with us in it. We're in it.
Operator: Do you see flames?
Bonnie: Oh God, yeah. Lot of flames.
Operator: Can you get out of the house?
Bonnie: No, he'll shoot us. He's out there waiting for us.

Operator: Listen, there's several deputies outside, okay?
Bonnie: Okay.

Operator: I need you to tap the window so the deputy outside knows he's at the right window.

Bonnie: I can't.
Operator: Bonnie, are you on the left or the right side?
Bonnie: Oh, thank you so much.
Operator: He's got her. Okay, he's got her.

Art Hohensee had not lived in the same home as Bonnie for about a year. Their divorce was finalized two weeks before the incident on May 22nd. Bonnie claims she suffered decades of abuse.