Published: Jun 12, 2013 3:56 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 12, 2013 6:19 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- It's a story of how bad things happen to good people. Two girls were taken out for a party weekend and never returned! But these girls are actually mannequins and have been an eye catcher outside of a Fort Myers restaurant.

Tonight- the owners want their girls back!     

For the employees at The Cadillac in Fort Myers, two of their favorite workers were rented and never returned!

"They were the best employees! They never complained, never asked for a raise, never came in late, never wanted to go home early," said consultant Vincent Orisino.

Millie and Trudy usually stand outside of The Cadillac, dolled up in a sundress, greeting guests as they come in.

"The first time I came in the place, I had to back up and look again and one of them looked like a girl I knew, but it didn't move," said restaurant customer, Tree.

Millie and Trudy caught the attention of a group of women who decided they wanted to party with the mannequins.

"They said they wanted to put tattoos on them, dress them up, put them in different wigs; it was like they wanted to play house and these were grown women!"

So they asked if they could rent the girls for a weekend, and the owners said 'yes' for a small price. Vincent Orisino rented the girls for $300.00- $250 of that would be refunded when the mannequins were returned home safe.

"I feel violated that they took advantage and took those poor things that are defenseless and cannot speak for themselves, it's terrible."

But Millie and Trudy have never been seen again.

"We will miss Millie and Trudy, they were the original mannequins here and no one else can ever take their place," said Orisino.

There is a reward, dinner for two at The Cadillac, for anyone who brings back Millie and Trudy. Two new mannequinns have been ordered and will stand outside the restaurant when they arrive.