Published: Jun 12, 2013 10:41 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 12, 2013 11:57 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--AWINKNews investigation into distracted driving and law enforcement afterA florida trooper who killed an unborn baby in a february crash has been cited for careless driving.

We learned the collision happened after he read an email and surfed the internet while driving.

A mother lost her unborn baby after patrolman Gustavo Reyes slammed in to the back of her SUV.

A new report uncovered he was distracted by his computer.

"I think they should take those computers our of those cars," said victim Crystal McClure.

We discovered that Troopers are allowed to use their computers while driving, but must take care while doing so.

FHP policy also says simple inquiries and viewing the nature of an in-coming message is allowed, but responding to messages or multiple inquiries is not.

An investigation found Trooper Reyes read emails, was on and driving nearly 88 miles per hour right before the crash.


"I saw him fly behind us and the next thing I know I was on top of him in the drivers seat and we were flipping," said McClure.

In a similar story in 2010, a Collier County Deputy caused a three car crash.

He was also distracted by the computer.

Drivers we spoke with say they see authorities drive distracted way too often.


"I have seen them on cell phones, I have seen the laptops and them using the laptops," said driver Jennifer Faust.

Insurance agent John Gardner says even with a new texting ban set to take effect, distracted driving as a whole is out of hand.


"77% say that they feel they can do it safely," said Gardner.

"If there is another vehicle involved you don't know if they are distracted as well," said Gardner.

TheFlorida Highway Patrol will not comment on their technology policy at this time.

They are still investigating the actions of Trooper reyes and will determine if he broke policy.

The state will not pursue any criminal charges against Trooper Reyes.