Published: Jun 10, 2013 11:31 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 11, 2013 12:21 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--Fort Myers Police Chief Doug baker says he has ideas to protect you better, but they would come at a cost by using more taxpayer dollars and possibly impacting your privacy.

"Just looking at ways and opportunities and see how we can do it better," said Baker.

One idea is adding a downtown police station with six officers and a supervisor. Another idea is extending the closing time for bars and the third idea is surrounding the streets of downtown with security cameras.

"If people know that there is cameras out there are going to think again about what they are doing," said resident Jennifer Hinners.

But not everyone is too keen on big brother watching their every move.

"I come downtown quite a bit during Music Walk and Art Walk and I just don't think it is necessary," said Judy Ferris.

The city would have to spend around $800,000 a year for a downtown police station and security cameras could cost $350,000 to install plus $25,000 a year to maintain the system.

All of this takes manpower that the police department doesn't have.

"Since 2008 I lost 33 police officer positions," said Baker.

Some say to avoid those costs, bars should be held accountable instead.



"Whoever is having those events needs to be the ones hiring the private details to look after it," said Los Cabos Cantina's Mickey Ferry.


The city's development director suggested that the city and the redevelopment agency should increase it's funding for police officers and bars and clubs pay for their own security.