Published: Jun 09, 2013 2:30 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fl. - Flag Day is just a few days away and Sunday afternoon, veterans, boy scouts, active military members joined the community to honor Old Glory.

"Well it brings tears to my eyes because I lost a lot of good friends," says Randolph Eckel.

Army Veteran Randolph Eckle proudly carried the flag representing the uniform he wore while fighting to defend the colors he serves.

"I believe in America... I fought for it. I would do it again," he says.

He joined other veterans, active military, and fellow elks members as they honored the American Flag, taking a moment to remember its history, the battles fought and the men and women lost so the 50 stars and red and white stripes could to fly today.

"This day is very important to us... we're going to be presenting the flags from the beginning to the end... this is our 50-star flag our current flag," says Brian Holmes.

Brian Holmes with the Cape Coral Elks Lodge says this annual Flag Day ceremony is not only an opportunity to bring all their members together, but it also gives them a chance to reach younger generations.  For the second year in a row, boy scouts from troop 34 also helped present the flags.

"It kind of fills up with awe, makes you feel proud that its your country but it makes you feel sad for all the people who were lost but it's a mix I think of happy and sad, excited and proud," says Joseph Saba.

Several local and state representatives were also at the ceremony to honor the flag.  Flag Day is on June 14th.