Published: Jun 08, 2013 1:43 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fl. - Fallout following a Flo Rida concert at Dixie Roadhouse.  Concert goers expected the artist to take the stage at nine Thursday night. 

But they got antsy when they saw his face on TV at the Miami Heat game which also started at nine.  Organizers of the event say it was the weather that kept the singer from taking the stage until almost one a.m.

"Everybody started to get restless, where is he where is he?" says Lori Kearnes.

It was the question of the evening: where is Flo Rida?

"I was expecting a normal concert you know the opening act is maybe 10 or 15 minutes and then the main act would come on," Kearnes adds.

That's not what happened for Lori Kearnes and many other fans who piled into Dixie Roadhouse for a free concert Thursday night.  After doors opened at eight.  It wasn't until about one in the morning that the main act took the stage.

"We had heard 11:00," says Lynn Pippenger with Dixie Roadhouse.

Folks with Dixie Roadhouse say they got very on edge when they saw the performer at the Miami Heat game.

"Miami is not that far and we knew there was a jet standing by so we knew I was certainly doable but it wasn't a dull night," Pippenger adds.

Dixie Roadhouse hosted the concert B-103.9 organized it.  The radio station told WINK News, the late start time was out of everyone's control.  The artist and his entourage left the basketball game after the first half as planned.

"We were going to fly him over at 10:30 which would've gotten him into Page Field at 11:05, a 20-minute ride to Dixie would've gotten him there at 11:25 to go right up on stage for an 11:30 showtime," says AJ Lurie with B103.9.

But bad weather grounded the jet that was supposed to take him, pushing everything back by at least an hour, thus a one am show time.

"He is an incredible performer... I had never seen him before and he was impressive," Pippenger adds.