Published: Jun 08, 2013 5:12 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 08, 2013 7:14 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.,- A toddler is safe after his mom left him inside of a locked car. This happened earlier this afternoon at the Walmart Market on Southwest Pine Island Road in Cape Coral.

WINK was there as the mother of the three-year-old boy sat in the back of a police car for a short amount of time. But she was then released by officers and we are told no charges are being filed. We have reached out to the police department to find out why, but have no heard back this evening.
"I just asked what happened and somebody said somebody left a baby in the car on a sunny day. Are they idiots or what? Brain dead!"

The news traveled around the Walmart Neighborhood Market quickly.Shoppers were shocked to find out a toddler was left in the sweltering heat while his mother went into the store to go shopping.   "I think it's just crazy! I think she ought to be locked in a hot car for a few hours."

A shopper noticed the child in the van and called 911. We're told the child was locked in his car seat for about 30 minutes.

"for every ten minutes you leave a child in the car, the temperature will raise about 20 degrees, after 20 minutes, it will raise 30 degrees and after 30 degrees it will raise approximately 35 degrees inside the car," said City of Cape Coral Battalion Chief Brian Lauer.

Firefighters broke this window to get to the toddler. We did speak to a family member who chose not to go on camera, but he tells WINK, the boys mom made a poor decision to run into the store, leaving her son behind.

"Generally that's usually the excuse we hear- is they were going to be in the store a couple of minutes and it turns out to be 15, 20, 30 minutes," said Battalion Chief Lauer.

This video shows the mom being put in the back of a police car, however, officers let her go and she was reunited with her son.But Battalion Chief Lauer wants everyone to remember one message...

"It is illegal in the State of Florida to leave your child in an unattended car."