Published: Jun 05, 2013 12:00 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 04, 2013 6:35 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.-A North Naples woman was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for hitting 5-month-old Quentin Maulsby in March 2010.

Cherie Landowski, 27 pleaded no contest to aggravated child abuse charges Tuesday for beating the boy with a baby bottle.  The infant spent eight days in I.C.U. for swelling and bleeding on his brain and two broken ribs.

The Maulsby family moved back to Iowa shortly after he was released from the hospital.  Tuesday's hearing in Collier County was the first time Quentin's mother Christina had seen her in three years.

"I don't exactly know what she did.  What she admitted to originally is that she struck him with his full 8 oz. baby bottle because he wouldn't eat, but  evidence shows she did more than that," Christina said.

Quentin, now three, attends a special needs pre-school.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury.  He can't communicate verbally and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. 

Landowski chose not to give a statement at Tuesday's hearing.

"It's cowardly.  You know you have enough gaul or nerve to beat a child, but you can't face the reality of the family," Christina said.

"She's got 8.5 years at least minimum to sit there and think about it, and I hope she does think about it every day, because it will bother me the rest of my life," Christian's father Grant Maulsby said.

Landowski's trial was set to begin today (Tuesday). As part of the plea, she'll serve 20 years of probation upon her release.  Aggravated child abuse carries a maximum jail sentence of 30 years.