Published: Jun 03, 2013 5:33 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 03, 2013 6:44 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Rusted old equipment is what your children are playing on at one Cape Coral park. Now, $150,000 of your money is going to clean up Jaycee Park and two others across the city.

At a play area for two to five years olds in Jaycee Park, the equipment was installed in 1999. The city's parks and recreation director says it's such a serious problem, it needs to be fixed or shut down.

Elena Woelfel walks the paths Jaycee Park every day. On Monday, she ran into a problem.  "I have actually tripped over it one time so it is definantly needed," she said. Roots of trees are turning this into a treachous path.

Parks and Recreation Director Steve Pohlman says along with the paths, the playground equipment is rusting.
At the Cape Coral Sports Complex and Storm Football Complex the tiles used to keep children safe are pulling apart.

"That becomes a danger to the children when they are playing. Some children will play barefoot and we don't want their toes to get in trouble or anyone to get hurt," said Pohlman.

With a Park and Recreations budget of zero, the city is allowing Pohlman to use $150,000 of your money to fix these safety hazards.

This is the first time Lillian Kennedy and nine year old Emanuel have played at Jaycee Park, and Kennedy is on board. 

"This would be well spent very much so, for the families and also for the children. We would love to keep our children safe at all times," she said.

Joe Boucher and Tommy also play here. But Boucher believes now is not the time to spend more money.  "The equipments ok, I think it's sufficient really it's pretty safe and he likes it, and I mean, that's a lot of money in this economy," he said.

Parks and Recreation hopes to start fixing the problems as soon as possible and have them all completed by August.