Published: Jun 02, 2013 4:54 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 02, 2013 10:14 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - Finding a child a safe and permanent home.  That's the goal of two organizations in our community.  Saturday, the Children's Network of Southwest Florida and One Church, One Child of Florida Inc. teamed up for a prayer breakfast.

WINK News found out how they are bringing together many local groups to find adoptive and foster families for children in need.

Almost two years ago the Bullen family grew by one.

"We always had a heart for it... I looked at my husband and I said hey let's take these classes and he said let's do it," says D'nai Bullen.

D'nai and her husband Andrew decided to adopt, and after taking classes, they welcomed another daughter to their family.  

"It actually builds cohesiveness in the family and we find out really who we are with her in the picture," Bullen adds.

"My family means a lot to me!" She says.

It's the same kind of reaction and stability the Children's Network of Southwest Florida and One Church One Child of Florida Inc. hope to give to other kids in the community.  Saturday's prayer breakfast was a big step, building awareness about the need for adoptive and foster families to step up.

"Without the community, we don't have the resources to meet the needs of the children, without families, they are the resources.  The families are the solution, they are the answer.  Every child deserves a family and a home to call their own," says Arie Sailor with One Church, One Child of Florida Inc.

Folks with the Children's Network of Southwest Florida say, right now they have 125 kids from our area ready to be adopted.  They work with children who have suffered abuse or neglect.

"Our job is really to work with these traumatized children, work with these families and hopefully unify them and if that's not possible, find the forever family for them," says Nadereh Salim.

A mission foster parent Brad Weaver hopes others will help with too.

"Bringing that stability to the children and their family and the joy of seeing them together... that's the best!" Weaver says.