Published: May 27, 2013 3:10 PM EDT

Kathryn Drury knows what Memorial day is supposed to mean, and she believes she is showing it, by posting her own hand-written tributes to fallen veterans.  She's posting the messages inside Coral Lakes in Cape Coral.

"This is for you Dad, and for you Mom, and for all the others who gave everything," says Drury.

She says she approached the manager at Coral Lakes two weeks ago, asking about a Memorial day message on the outdoor bulletin board in the gated community.   Drury says she did not get a response, and felt as if her request was being pushed aside.

So, Monday morning, she took some brown constrution paper and wrote out her own messages to veterans, and taped two of the large sheets of paper to the bulletin board.

"I am proud I did it.  I watched as people drove in and out, and sort of slowed down to look at the messages<" she tells WINK.    One reads:   Veterans, thank you for a job well-done.   The other says Welcome home veterans.

"I come from a long line of military people.  My father was in the Air Force and flew in combat in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.   My husband was in the Army his entire career.   So I feel it is important to honor those who gave their all for our country," says Drury.

Vision Association Management is in charge at Coral Lakes.  We called several numbers and left a message with the answering service, asking for a comment or response. 

Drury acknowledges, she may have violated association rules by posting her own messages.  But she does not worry about consequences, only the message.  "I will not let the veterans be forgotten," she tells WINK News.