Published: May 26, 2013 10:20 AM EDT
Updated: May 27, 2013 9:28 AM EDT

MATLACHA, Fla.- Therapy through fishing.That's the goal of the Wounded Warrior Anglers, a non-profit dedicated to helping veterans cope with the trauma of war. Sunday, the organization held a Redfish Poker Tournament.

As the sunrise starts to peek over the palm trees, the Original Redfish Poker Fishing Championship is underway. 
It's to raise money for America's wounded war heroes. One of them is Cheyney Marshall.

"After you have PTSD, you kind of go inward. And being with the Wounded Warriors it helps you get more active," said Marshall.

David and Judy Souders launched the Wounded Warror Anglers, a non-profit almost a year ago. David also suffers from PTSD and found fishing was the best medicince. "Get a chance to relax calm down, it's just my peace of mind," he said.

To date they've taken 129 warriors out on the open waters. "It doesn't matter what era of service, when you were injured, we work with all different levels," Sounders said.

For this championship tournament there's a total of 25 boats in the water, and there's also special division for kayaks.

It's all a way to raise money for an organization the Souders started out of their own pocket. The tournament also brings special raffle items - the biggest - and most coveted is a boat.  Judy says the support from the community is how they can keep on touching lives.
"We get to see little miracles, and hear little miracles around us all the time," she said.

The group would eventually like to expand in Florida, and across the country.

For more information about Wounded Warrior Anglers, visit their website here: